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I have been a member of the Aurora Live network for a couple of years now, and I warmly recommend the network to other IT professionals. Through the network, it has been easy for me to get to know colleagues in peer companies and thoroughly explore the offerings of various suppliers, and most importantly, meet interesting people.
Head of Digital Engine
Stockmann, Finland
A really good experience during the current environment - expectations exceeded!
At these events, you meet other people, get inspiration with speakers and the people you meet during coffee breaks who make you think, ‘Why do I do things a certain way? Why not a different way?
The events are high-quality, and the content always surprises positively.
We get to know a lot of people from other branches, from other types of companies. It’s great to meet them in very relaxed surroundings and beautiful locations.
The Aurora Live network has given me a lot of value both professionally and personally. I have gained new perspectives and work methods. I have been inspired by the speakers. I also appreciated the diversity and variety of the events, both in terms of content and format.
It's a combination of inspirational speakers and getting informal contacts with a lot of peers from the network, not only within IT and digital but also within finance and other business processes.
Champagne being poured.
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